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I love babies.  They are so sweet, soft, and cuddly.  I should know I have two of them myself (Laugh).  In concluding my time with the Findlayter family I had the awesome opportunity to capture their new baby girl Kariya at home.  Now this was a few weeks after I first met her the day after she was born.  Let me tell you, this young lady has grown.  You don’t believe me just checkout a few of the very best stills from our session about a week ago and let me know what you think.

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Tristan Barrocks is a passionate {#Digital Storyteller} based in Toronto, Canada. His mission is to tell meaningful stories in authentic ways. Now he wants to teach you how to produce engaging videos for clients while creating your own entrepreneurial economy.

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Hi, my name is Tristan Barrocks an award-winning Filmmaker, Editor, and Director based out of Toronto. I am passionate about telling meaningful stories that inspire, inform, and move people.

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