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About Tristan

“I am a storyteller who uses new media to communicate meaningful messages.  My passion is in finding the humanity in every story.  Every exchange is a valuable opportunity to grow, learn, and create something authentic.”

For over ten years I have been committed to refining my craft as a digital storyteller.  Allowing people to share their unique stories with me is my passion.  I love connecting with people and listening to their journey.  As a young man I was always fascinated with film and the digital arts.  I aways wanted to use media as a tool to help inspire, motivate, and change someones perspective.

After graduating from Seneca College I began working for various production companies within the Toronto area.  After several years I started my own journey as an entrepreneur.  My clients have spanned from as large as Apple Inc. to as small as local charities.  My area of expertise is in marketing for small to medium business.

Inspired by my love for telling people’s authentic stories I am eager to work with you and your company.  Let’s talk and create great things together.

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