Become a #Digital Storyteller


Learn Professional Techniques


Book Your Dream Jobs


Develop a Strong Brand

8 hours of intensive, story-centered filmmaking training  for professionals

You Will Learn

Create story-centered videos

Learn the most important ingredients to crafting videos that grab the attention of your target clients and add value to your brand.

Grow your network

Learn why networking is vital to your business and how you can leverage strong industry relationships to reach your goals.

Attract your target clients

Learn how to develop proven strategies that will grab the attention of your target client and allow your brand to stand out.

Use the right equipment to create cinematic images

Get hands-on experience with professional, industry standard, equipment, and gain the knowledge you need to add value to your next project.

Build a stronger brand

Learn the importance of consistently sharing and promoting your brand to your target market.  Understand who you are as a creative and what makes you unique.

Plan & Prep for every production

Get tips on how to plan, prep, and execute your vision to perfection!

Lunch & light refreshments provided.

          A Message From Tristan

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$ $395

Per Person

General Registration

$ 495

Per Person

Create better videos by becoming a {#Digitalstoryteller}

What People Are Saying

There are not that many people I can say who truly cares about you growing in your digital storyteller path. Tristan goes beyond just being your educator, he is your coach, supporter, and friend. You can ask him any questions and he will answer it and then some. I was lucky enough to have him as a speaker at the Epix Brand Summit and he poured his knowledge into the viewers. If you are lucky enough to take one of his courses or workshops believe me when I say you will leave with so much knowledge to get started. He really cares about your growth and will go the extra mile. Your investment with him will be put to good use and you will be 1,000% satisfied.

De Lisa Carol

Tristan is a dynamic and engaging facilitator. His ability to keep his students attention while sharing technical and detailed information in a way that allows them to understand is impressive. He empowers his students to see things from a new perspective and opens their eyes to limitless creative possibilities. Students walk away with not only theoretical comprehension but get a fun and inspiring hands-on practical experience. He is truly gifted with the ability to unlock imagination.

-- Andrew James - Executive Program Coordinator


Will we be using different types of camera and filming tools?

Yes, there will be a verity of cinema tools I will be providing to make your experience as immersive and authentic as possible.


How long is the whole class?

It is an eight-hour intensive film and storytelling class. This also includes out break for lunch.


What should I bring?

Bring your camera, tripod/stabilizer, audio gear and computer. If there is a specific piece of gear you would like to bring that is not listed please email me and I will let you know if we will have time to integrate it into the day.


Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to become amazing at telling stories that move people. This also for the person that is working or volunteering at their church, local charity and wants to extend their knowledge in cinema.


Will you be proving materials?

Yes, we will be providing writing materials, all the presentation notes, as well as some special swag items for those who attend.


How many spots are available?

There are twelve spots available.


will you be covering your editing techniques?

We will be touching on some basic editing techniques I use to produce my films, but an additional workshop will be coming soon focusing on editing alone.


Can we pay by other methods?

Yes, you most certainly can.  We accept cash, E-transfer, bank draft, certified cheque, as well as money orders.


Is Lunch provided?

Yes, a lunch is provided.  I mean we gotta feed you guys, right? LOL!


Will we have personal time with Tristan for specific issues?

Not for this workshop, but for future ones to come.


Will we have a chance for Q&A with Tristan?

Yes, will have scheduled Q&A time at the end of the workshop.


What will we walk away with?

Aside from your new found filming and business knowledge, you will also have a 1 min brand film of yourself for social media by the end of the day.

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