The CRAFT Cameras - #The Digital Storyteller

For the past two months I have been teased with the viral ads of a new camera called Craft.  On monday at the N.A.B. conference in Los Vegas we all finally got a glimpse of this mysterious product.   Checkout this video below.

Pretty cool eh?  It looks like an amazing idea.  to have a camera that is completely customizational is a crazy cool idea, but will it work?  As far as anyone knows this is not a real camera yet and therefore if you put a down payment you won’t be able to test it till later on this year.  That is a little problematic for me as I always love trying my gear out before making the investment.  Anyways, below is some more information about this camera and a link to the website.  Let me know your thoughts.

Introducing Craft Camera from Craft Digital Systems on Vimeo.



Starting with a Super 16mm sensor with resolution of 1920 x 1080, the HD Video Element produces stunning images. It operates at high speeds up to 120fps. Key features include 13 stops of dynamic range, global shutter PL, EF, and MFT Speed Mount options, and ND Sled filter technology.



The 4K Video Element is identical in size to its HD sibling but houses a Super 35mm sensor that produces images at 4096 x 2160 and high speed rates at 120fps. It is a production ready cinema camera in a small package. Key features include 13 stops of dynamic range, global shutter, PL & EF Speed Mount options, and ND SLED.



Your camera expands its audio capabilities when you add the Audio Element. Features include 2 mic inputs with phantom power, balanced analog output, and 1/8” stereo headphone jack for monitoring.



The flip LCD can be oriented to match the position you are holding the camera. The entire LCD Element can be mounted between any Element. This allows for better balance, extended viewing angles and preferences.



The Handle Element can control any part of the camera at any time. Core camera functions such as recording and lens control are just one button away. The entire handle can rotate 180º providing a more comfortable position when shooting extreme angles. The Handle can be attached utilizing our proprietary control interface called Control Link. The handle can connect to all the Elements excluding the Display Element.



The Power Element uses the same Craft Camera Battery which means you don’t need to buy a different type of battery. Use a single Craft Camera Battery on the back of an Element or two batteries by using the Power Element.

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