Best Commercial Spot I've Seen In Years - Here's Why. - #The Digital Storyteller
In a time where video is becoming the superior power over every other media, it is surprisingly refreshing to see new takes on old ideas.  While I was always this past weekend I observed an amazing but simple commercial promoting a brand we are all familiar with, Indeed.  Indeed is a human resources website created to acquire talent and also to find new employment opportunities.


Seems like the last place you would find a great marketing idea.  Here is the thing it is the best place to find and execute these ideas.  For the most part, the employment industry is pretty boring but necessary.  Everyone needs these types of sie but very few people care about the different brands in the game.  In comes the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition.
This commercial does just that by infusing great storytelling techniques to grab the viewers attention, inform them of why their brand is important, and how to get noticed.  Here are the three things we can learn from this commercial.


1.) People are drawn to people.

The use of using a diverse group of actors to convey Indeed’s messaging is brilliant.  They are not selling jobs, they are selling your story and they want you to buy into the idea of working with them.  That’s why it was important for them to show regular, diverse people because they are the ones in need of new opportunities.


2.) They make it action oriented.

I love the music, sound, and voiceovers they use because it almost gives this sense of you watching an action movie.  It was amazing to feel the pace and sense of urgency throughout this short 30-second spot, but it’s there.


3.) They keep it short and sweet.

I can’t overstate the importance of making your message concise and to the point.  People don’t care about you enough to watch a 10 min video.  Your core audience will but you’re not trying to get their attention because you already have it.  So be intentional about the length of your video just like Indeed did to maximize their impact.
In conclusion, this is a masterful example of great digital storytelling at it’s best.

Hi, my name is Tristan Barrocks an award-winning Filmmaker, Editor, and Director based out of Toronto. I am passionate about telling meaningful stories that inspire, inform, and move people.