Fall Collection 1

Digital Storyteller Gear

Be apart of the community by picking up an authentic Digital Storytelling hoodie or tee.  These pieces represent the absolute best of who we are and what we do.  We are storytellers, creative professional, and so much more!  Checkout Collection one and grab them while supplies last.

The Digital Storyteller’s LUT

I am so excited to provide you with my first two sets of LUTs. What is a LUT? The easiest way to put it, a LUT is like an Instagram or Photoshop filter that you apply to your video clips to make them look different. Luts can instantly make your videos look more cinematic, vintage, or stylized just by the settings they have. With this set, you will be able to apply different looks to get the best images out of your video footage.

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Checkout My Youtube Channel

I am all about sharing, creating, and learning with people.  This is why I have created my channel.  It’s about about community.  No judgement, just dope people sharing their perspectives on how to be better storytellers.  If that’s you want to be apart of then click the link below and subscribe.

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